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Native to southeast Ohio Deer-resistant
Native to eastern United States Likes full sun
Native to North America Likes shade
Edible for humans Evergreen or wintergreen
Pollinator-friendly plant Suitable for wet sites

Please also note: This is only and ever a partial list. We always have plants at the nursery that just came in, or that we only have one or a few specimens of; come by to see all of what's available!
Bamboos Grasses Palms Yuccas


Note: Bamboos as a group will die back to the ground during our harder winters, but the roots live on to re-sprout the following year. They normally do not flower or produce seed until a clump is of a great age, possibly a century -- then the whole clump blooms simultaneously and dies after seeding. Don't worry, your clump will outlive you!

Arundinaria gigantea native cane: 5 gallon

This bamboo once formed immense canebreaks throughout the southeastern United States. Was once important nesting habitat for native birds. Grows 20' high with 1.25" stems.

Fargesia apicirubens "Dracocephala Rufa” - red dragon's-head bamboo: 3 gallon

This is a clumping bamboo that remains very densely leafy, making a great screen. Highly deer-resistant. To 9' with 0.5" stems.

Phyllostachys aureosulcata - yellow-groove bamboo: 5 gallon

The most cold-hardy of the bamboos, and the one most commonly planted in our area. Will die back to the ground during severe winters, but regrows quickly from the roots. Aggressively forms dense canebrakes. Protect from drying winter winds. To 18', with 1.5" stems.

Phyllostachys bissettii - David Bissett bamboo: 3 gallon

A bamboo with an upright, dense habit. A very strong plant which holds its leaves better than other bamboos during hard winters. To 15' with 1" stems.

Phyllostachys viridis “Robert Young” - Robert Young bamboo: 3 gallon

More of a clumping bamboo than the other Phyllostachys species, with yellow canes that have a segmented green stripe, very striking. Tolerates heavy clay soils but will die back to the ground in hard winters. The tallest of our bamboo selection, to 35' with 3' stems.

Pleioblastus fortunei “Dwarf Whitestripe” - Dwarf Whitestripe bamboo: 3 gallon

A dwarf bamboo with white-striped variegated leaves. Will die back to the ground in harder winters. To 3', but can be mown to the ground in late winter to keep it shorter.


Note: Most grasses are deer-resistant to some degree.

Andropogon gerardii - big bluestem: 1 gallon

A large native grass that is a mainstay in prairie plantings. Loves a dry, sunny location. Deer-resistant. To 4'.

Dactylis glomerata - orchard grass: 3 gallon

This is a Eurasian species that has become widely naturalized throughout North America. It can be invasive. Forms dense clumps.

Elymus hystrix - bottlebrush grass: 1 gallon

A native grass that is shade-tolerant and produces seed heads resembling bottlebrushes.

Miscanthus sinensis - maiden grass: 3 gallon

A large grass forming large clumps topped by seed plumes; sometimes mistaken with pampas grass. Narrow leaves have a silver vein. Likes full sun and well-drained to dry soil. Highly deer-resistant. To 6'.

Miscanthus sinensis zebrinus - zebra grass: 3 gallon

Similar to the above, but with white bands on the leaves.

Panicum virgatum - switch grass: 3 gallon

A classic native, with narrow leaves. Thrives in full sun, tolerates a wide range of soil moisture. Highly deer-resistant. To 5'.

Panicum virgatum "Northwind" - Northwind switch grass: 3 gallon

A variety of switch grass with especially attractive flowering. To 6'.


Note: Palms are highly deer-resistant.

Sabal palmetto - dwarf palmetto: 1 gallon: $7

A fan-leaf palm that usually only grows at ground level without a trunk. Leaves may die back in winter, but with mulch, this plant is completely root-hardy in zone 6 (MoBot says Zone 7, but trust us). Second-year seedlings, not ready until late spring.

Serenoa repens - saw palmetto: 3 gallon: $15

The saw palmetto is a coarse, spreading fan-leaf palm that usually grows from ground level without a trunk. Mulch during winters.


Note: Yuccas are highly deer-resistant.

Yucca filamentosa - yucca, Spanish needle: 1 gallon: $7

A large, spiky plant, forming a large clump. Flower spikes are often spectacular, tall with large white fragrant flowers. Very drought-tolerant.